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loaded adj
1 filled with a great quantity; "a tray loaded with dishes"; "table laden with food"; "`ladened' is not current usage" [syn: laden, ladened]
2 (of weapons) charged with ammunition; "a loaded gun" [ant: unloaded]
3 (of statements or questions) charged with associative significance and often meant to mislead or influence; "a loaded question"
4 having an abundant supply of money or possessions of value; "an affluent banker"; "a speculator flush with cash"; "not merely rich but loaded"; "moneyed aristocrats"; "wealthy corporations" [syn: affluent, flush, moneyed, wealthy]

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  1. Burdened by some heavy load.
    Let's leave the TV; the car is loaded already.
  2. In the context of "of a projectile weapon": Charged with ammunition.
    No funny business; this heater's loaded!
  3. Possessing great wealth.
    He sold his business a couple of years ago and is just loaded.
  4. Drunk.
    By the end of the evening, the guests at the wedding reception were really loaded.
  5. Pertaining to a situation where there is a runner at each of the three bases.
    It's bottom of the ninth, the bases are loaded and there are two outs.
  6. In the context of "gaming": Of a die or dice, biased to produce predictable throws.
    He was playing with loaded dice and won a fortune.
  7. In the context of "of a question": Designed to produce a predictable answer, or to lay a trap.
    That interviewer is tricky; he asks loaded questions.
  8. In the context of "of a word or phrase": Having strong connotations that colour the literal meaning and are likely to provoke an emotional response. Sometimes used loosely to describe a word that simply has many different meanings.
    "Ignorant" is a loaded word, often implying lack of intelligence rather than just lack of knowledge.
  9. In the context of "of an item offered for sale, especially an automobile": Equipped with numerous options; deluxe.
    She went all out; her new car is loaded.

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burdened by load
charged with ammunition
having wealth
Designed to produce a predictable answer, or to lay a trap

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abounding in riches, afflicted, affluent, all ready, all set, armed, armed and ready, bent, big-rich, boiled, bombed, booted and spurred, boozy, briefed, brimful, brimming, burdened, canned, charged, chock-full, climacteric, coached, cocked, cockeyed, cockeyed drunk, comfortable, crammed, critical, crocked, crocko, crowded, crucial, cumbered, decisive, devious, disguised, disgustingly rich, drunk, elevated, emergent, encumbered, equipped, exigent, familiarized, fat, flush, fraught, freighted, fried, frightfully rich, fuddled, full-charged, full-fraught, good and ready, groomed, half-seas over, hampered, heavy-laden, high, illuminated, in arms, in battle array, in funds, in readiness, in the money, in the saddle, independent, independently rich, independently wealthy, inebriated, informed, insidious, jam-packed, jammed, kairotic, laden, lit, lit up, loaded for bear, lubricated, lushy, luxurious, made of money, manipulative, mature, mobilized, moneyed, muddled, muzzy, oiled, on the mark, oofy, oppressed, opulent, organized, overburdened, overcharged, overfraught, overfreighted, overladen, overloaded, overtaxed, overweighted, overwhelmed, packed, pickled, pie-eyed, pissed, pissy-eyed, pivotal, pixilated, planned, plastered, polluted, potted, prearranged, pregnant, prejudiced, prejudicial, prepared, prepared and ready, prepped, primed, prosperous, provided, provided for, psyched up, raddled, ready, ready for anything, rich, rich as Croesus, ripe, rolling in money, saddled, set, shellacked, skunk-drunk, smashed, soaked, soused, squiffy, stewed, stinko, stuffed, supercharged, swacked, tanked, taxed, tight, trap, tricky, up in arms, vigilant, wallowing in wealth, warm, wealthy, weighted, weighted down, well provided for, well-fixed, well-heeled, well-off, well-prepared, well-to-do
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